Cat Back Systems
A cat back system is simply all exhaust system components, like mufflers or pipes, which are attached 'after' or 'in-back' of the catalytic converter. Joor has installed 10's of thousands of these systems. Rely on our expertise for a top notch installation.
Having Joor install aftermarket headers on your vehicle is an excellent way to free up a few extra horsepower. Using headers, along with a custom exhaust and a high flow cat, are going to yield you positive results!
High-Flow Cats
Got the header and cat-back? Need to finish your exhaust system? Just want a good bang for the buck part? Well sounds like you need a High-Flow Catalytic Converter. A high-flow cat replaces the factory one and flows a lot better and yet is still smog legal. Joor stocks and installs these also.
Custom Exhaust
One of the easiest horsepower upgrades you can do to your car is to take off the stock exhaust and open it up with aftermarket headers and a full exhaust system. Fact is, Joor has been installing custom exhaust systems since 1931! You won't find any shop with more experience than that.